the only reason i’m upset is because i miss the sound of your voice. I don’t ask you to stay on the phone with me for hours. A quick ” hello” and ” i love you” over the phone is all i ask for.


it’s hard for someone to admit that they have issues. Family issues, financial issues, mental issues. All types of issues. I however can easily admit that i have issues. I have faults that i wish i didn’t have. Faults that I’m trying to get rid of, or rather improve.

I don’t like the way i feel. I don’t like the way i am. It’s an incomprehensible feeling. I can be kinda of an asshole. Sort of a bitch. It’s not something that I’m proud of. But i have accepted it. 

I have this lovely girlfriend. She’s amazing and i love her with all my fucking heart. But i feel like i’m a jerk to her. I don’t mean to, i don’t like doing it. I make her feel guilty about little things. Little things that i say its o.k for her to do. She accepts me with all the flaws that i have, because God knows i have them. 

I feel like i’m going insane half of the time. I don’t feel like a person sometimes. I can’t relate to a lot of people. I can’t relate to what people normally enjoy doing. I feel so out of place. So out of sync with people my age.

What i do know is that i’m madly in love. That’s the only thing that i can say i’m truly sure of in this world.